John Deere Diesel Engines

John Deere

Prime power generator sets must be able to operate at any moment for as long as necessary. For prime power generation, John Deere has the reliability and durability our customers count on for these critical applications. For all our customer’s sites where diesel generation is their only source of power and these engines are running 24x7, we use John Deere diesel engines.

Typical prime power sites where we have John Deere diesel engine powered generator sets include Treasure Island Resort and Wakaya Resort, both luxury island resorts established on remote islands in Fiji. These resorts trust their McLennan Power generators powered by John Deere to ensure their guests experience the highest levels of service they expect from these exclusive locations.

See the John Deere Website for more info.

John Deere Diesel Engines - for McLennan Power Generators
John Deere Diesel Engines - for McLennan Power Generators
John Deere
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