Equipment & Site Evaluation

Site EvaluationIn terms of qualifying your general power continuity requirements, McLennan Power is available to meet with you on site and review informally how your existing equipment and systems match up to your requirements, and discuss at a high level what would be involved in bridging any gaps. We also provide formal auditing and power continuity reports of mission critical environments such as civil services, security and defence, data centres or the financial and commercial sectors.

Standards vary between sectors and by country and we are able to report against the relevant standards. In most cases we find that what customers really need to know about their power continuity solution is what level of risk they have compared to the availability they need. The risks cover the entire spectrum of people, technology and process. Solutions that are technically “compliant” often do not deliver to expectation due to factors such as complexity, human resource availability, training, poor design or changes in the environment. A power continuity solution is only as strong as its weakest link. We regularly find multiple unidentified single points of failure in mission critical power continuity environments, many of which can be rectified at little or no cost. The team at McLennan Power will work with you to bridge any technical or operational gaps identified

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